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Taff's Well information

Population: 5639
Elevation: 33m (108ft)
County: Cardiff
Country: Wales

Taff's Well has 33m (108ft) altitude. The coordinates of Taff's Well are: 51.5453830 lat, -3.2719600 lng. Taff's Well belongs to Cardiff County. Taff's Well belongs to Wales. England is constituent country of United Kingdom. The United Kingdom (UK) comprises four countries: England, Scotland and Wales (which collectively make up Great Britain) and Northern Ireland.

UK postcodes consist of two alphanumeric groups, separated by a space; for example “SO15 2GB”. The first group is called the outward code: it describes a small town, a district of a large town, or a rural area, such that the outward code is sufficient (with a few exceptions) to determine the sorting office that will deliver the mail. The second group is called the inward code: it represents a small group of addresses - from 70 houses down to a single business - that would always form part of the same delivery round. Typically the inward code covers one side of a short street, or a natural section of a longer one.

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